Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Easy Way To Incorporate Your MILA 
Into Your Daily Regimen Is In Your Smoothie!

I just purchased my "NutriBullet" and absolutely love it! 

This is awesome for people who feel they need to mix their MILA Super Food with something else!  MILA is already incredibly rich in nutrients, omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein.  Depending on what you add MILA to, you could really supercharge your intake of additional nutrients with those found in fresh vegetables and fruit like kale, spinach, tomato, ginger, avocado, garlic, apple, banana, etc.

I still prefer to drink my MILA first thing in the morning with eight (8) ounces of water followed by an additional glass of water - the "NutriBullet" just adds some additional HEALTHY variety!

I find preparing a "NutriBullet" smoothie late afternoon or early evening with another serving of MILA satisfies me throughout most of the evening.  I may have an apple or handful of pumpkin seeds or almonds later but not a heavy meal.  If your goal is to shed unwanted pounds or maintain at your current weight this is extremely effective!  Bonus, you are flooding your body with 3,000 mg of Omega-3 per serving of MILA - this promotes healing on a cellular level and addresses inflammation issues within our body -WOW!

MILA has resolved so many of my personal health issues - I'm so grateful!  When my clients contact me to share their results it confirms to me that MILA is a gift from the universe!

If I do not add MILA to my smoothie I'm not as satisfied and tend to graze or prepare another meal in addition to my smoothie.  MILA naturally curbs cravings, binging and hunger naturally -

You can order MILA  at either of my secure websites: -  geared towards everyone on the planet! - geared towards athletes performing at any level!
Both websites have amazing information!
Check it out today and start fueling your body with proper NATURAL nutrition -

Monday, April 23, 2012

MILA Redefines Athletic Performance:

Doing your best hinges on two key factors: physical ability and mental focus. Mila optimizes both. The proprietary blend of Salvia hispanica L. seed that is Mila promotes the formation of lean muscle mass, lubrication of joints and mineralization of bones. This incredible seed has been used for centuries to increase performance ability. Ancient Aztec warriors often survived on a handful of it alone during battles, understanding the physical strength, increased energy and heightened focus it delivers.
With its perfect balance of essential omega-3s and omega-6s, Mila also increases flexibility of cell membranes, creating improved nutrient transport and nerve transmission within your body. This whole, raw super food boosts your brain's power and makes focusing on your end goal that much easier. You'll have an edge on the competition when your mind and body are optimized by Mila.

MILA Elevates Athletic Endurance:

Mila causes a powerful scientific reaction to happen within your body that extends your endurance levels. When Mila is mixed with liquid, a gel forms in the stomach that acts as a physical barrier, blocking your digestive enzymes from breaking down carbohydrates. This slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars, fueling your body longer. By regularly consuming Mila before activity, you'll prevent the dizziness and fatigue usually brought on by a crash in your blood glucose level. When you have to go harder longer, Mila endures it all with you.

MILA Provides Advanced Hydration:

All active people know that hydration levels directly affect performance ability. How many times have you seen professional athletes chugging sports drinks before running onto the field? Mila is like these sports drinks, minus all of the unnecessary sugars and artificial flavors. It's pure, natural fuel for your body. With the ability to absorb at least 12x its weight in water, Mila holds onto moisture and prolongs your system's hydration. This regulates electrolyte balance and nutrient absorption, which is especially important for runners. By mixing Mila with water, juice or foods rich in moisture, you're preparing yourself to endure during times of extreme exertion.

MILA Refines Recovery:

One of the defining characteristics of a true champion is the will to keep going, to never give up. Recuperating after activity is never easy, but Mila acts as your body's natural medicine to speed the recovery process. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the salvia hispanica L. seed aids in your body's fight against muscle swelling. For marathon runners, bodybuilders and other athletes undergoing intense conditioning, this is an absolute must. Prescribed centuries ago by Aztec doctors, this healing seed was used by warriors to relieve joint conditions and muscle pain.

Antioxidants support tissue repair
Amino Acids prevent tissue destruction
Omega-3's decrease inflammation of joints and muscles

Easy to Implement In Your Daily Diet
Maximize Your Health & Your Performance
With NATURAL FOOD Not Supplements
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Shipped Quickly To Your Door!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MILA Gram per Gram Chart

This is the MILA Chia gram per gram comparison chart
It illustrates how many servings of food you would have to eat to receive the same benefit that you receive in eating one serving of MILA!
i.e. :  You would have to eat 8 servings of salmon to receive the same amount of Omega-3's found in in one serving of MILA Chia
I don't know about you, but not only could I not eat that much in one day . . . I would not want to pay the grocery bill either!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Wow, even Shaquille O'Neal Eats His MILA everyday!!!
Pictured here with the founders of MILA - Jim & Sherri Wear & their son

Friday, March 9, 2012

Natural Healing Made Easy With MILA Super Food

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my blog!
I'm here to share with you my amazing health turnaround achieved by introducing one simple SUPER FOOD to my daily diet - it's called MILA

Have you ever heard of it? MILA Well, if you have, you should be eating it every single day!  If you have not heard of it, you too should be eating it every single day!
Through the grace of God, in September of 2011, friends brought us (my honey & I) some MILA to try - were we skeptical . . . of course!  However, open-mindedness has been a beautiful trait that has served me well in this lifetime!

We began eating our MILA each day as our friends had suggested - by the third day we were looking at each other in amazement . . . are you feeling what I'm feeling?
Wow, energy!  Wow, no "brain-fog"! Really? Are you kidding me?
Well, it's true . . . and so has begun our amazing journey with MILA - which will most definitely be a lifelong journey :)

Why do we feel so awesome?  Because MILA is the WORLD'S MOST NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD - hands down!
It's so simple, though everyone wants to make it difficult - you feed your body excellent nutrition and your body responds - because MILA is food, our body actually recognizes it and readily absorbs it as opposed to all the supplements that we take (which I abhor . . . I abhor taking pills!) which pass through our liver and tax our liver because our body cannot breakdown the supplements (many of them are coated with shellac) and need to be expelled as waste -
Here's a simple observation that I have made, call it an "aha" moment - when I did take supplements, my urine was "strong smelling" and yellow in color - now, my urine is odorless and clear - ahhhh, my body is loving the MILA, absorbing it, utilizing it to make my cells healthy - whoo-hoo!

So what is in this MILA?  Simple . . . chia seed!  You may or may not have heard of chia seed (yes, like chia pets, but not sprouted!)
But not your ordinary chia seed . . . MILA  is a proprietary blend (yes, it's a secret combination) of eight different chia seeds grown in different regions of the world - each crop of chia seed brings unique qualities - wherever the chia is grown it gets different nutrients from the soil - 

There are over 100 different varieties of chia grown across the globe but no one crop contains all the nutrient value found in one serving of MILA - that is why it can make the statement "world's most nutrient dense whole raw food"

Only MILA has PER 2 Tablespoon SERVING 3,000 mg of plant based Omega 3's.  That's huge!  You ask, why do we need Omega 3's? 

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids and our bodies do not produce
them. We need them for our bodies to work normally.  

Omega-3s have a number of health benefits and play an important role in reducing inflammation throughout our body - in our blood vessels, our joints and elsewhere. This is critical because most people ingest too much Omega-6 which leads to inflammation.  

MILA has the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3's to 6's which actually reduces inflammation in our body!  Let me explain, we need Omega 6's as they repair our body when we have an injury or wound . . . i.e. when you cut yourself & it scabs over, that is Omega 6's at work . . . however, when the repair is complete Omega 3's need to alert  the Omega 6's to leave the project!  

If the Omega 6's continue to work after the repair, inflammation sets in . . . leading to disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune disorders - receiving the 3:1 ratio of Omega 3's to 6's found in MILA is crucial for our well being!  

Let me mention, this inflammation can be reversed!  Our cells in our body regenerate every 90 days, thankfully!  As the weaker cells die off and are replaced by new cells we are given the opportunity to nourish these new cells with rich Omega's and healthy nutrients - by doing this our new cells remain healthy and inflammation lessens over time.  

If you think about it, our ailments all trace back to some type of deficiency in our body . . . our body is fueled by food - nutrition . . . our body is engineered to recognize food and absorb it on a cellular level - MILA provides this food, nutrition and fuel which is why I feel so darn wonderful!

Omega 3's are also crucial for our brain development & functionality - our brain is actually made up of over 60% fat . . . yes, fat, Omega 3's are essential fatty acids and are required by our body and our organs . . . 3,000 mg per day is important and is why people consistently exclaim . . . "my brain fog is gone, my thinking is so much clearer" when they incorporate MILA into their daily diet :)

MILA also contains 18 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids, MILA contains 40% fiber (2x more than bran flakes), potassium (2x more than bananas), protein (6x more than kidney beans), selenium (4x more than flax seed), phosphorus (9x more than whole milk), anti-oxidants (more than blueberries), iron (3x more than spinach), calcium (6x more than milk), magnesium (15x more than broccoli) and the list goes on!

Now, a little about me and my honey - we're pretty athletic, we both LOVE tennis and I train in martial arts and my honey trains at the gym - at this writing, I'm a 52 year old woman and my honey is a fine 65 year old man!  (he's actually becoming more and more like "Benjamin Button" each day, younger & younger!)

It is awesome how our aches and pains have diminished from eating MILA!  It used to take me at least a half an hour in the morning to attempt to move out of bed - stiff - ouch - where's my Aleve?  Eventually my body would warm up to idea of moving but it was a struggle - NOT ANY MORE!  Now when I wake up I feel alive!  My mind is functioning - remember "brain-fog"?, my joints don't hurt (amazing how much money I'm saving not using OTC med's), I'm alert, ready to take the dogs out . . . and they're ready to go out . . . why? because they each get a sprinkle of MILA in the morning too!  Wow, they are like puppies again, running, jumping, playing! They're 12 and 13 year old Bichons . . .  

At this point you may be ready to take the plunge and order your bag of MILA - 
why wouldn't you want to start feeling better each day? 
I'll pause and suggest you go to my secure site,, and click on "Buy" to make your purchase - order one 16 oz. bag which is a 35 day supply of MILA - if you are not amazed by how you feel at the end of 30 days . . . well, I'll be surprised . . . the key is you have to eat your MILA everyday to feel the magic! 

Did I mention . . . MILA is FOOD! Like going to the grocery store . . . in fact for the price of two apples per day you can feel the benefit of MILA!  
This is not a supplement . . . the ingredient is 100% natural sliced raw chia seed - 
There is NO sugar, NO soy, NO gluten, NO trans-fats and it's a complete protein, Vegan certified and Kosher!

You can add MILA to your beverage, add it to your smoothie, sprinkle it in your yogurt, cereal, etc., put it in your sauces, put it in your meatloaf, brownies, cookies, etc.  
You can bake with it up to 500 degrees - soooo, there's no excuse for not eating your MILA!  One of the qualities of MILA is that it absorbs up to 10 times its' weight in liquid  . . . the longer you let it set the more gelatinous it becomes which is what makes it awesome for sauces, dressings, soups - you do not have to use much fat and it emulsifies when you blend it . . . BTW, MILA has no taste and no smell so it will not alter your recipe!  One of my favorite recipes is mixing almond milk with MILA, let it set and indulge in a delicious, healthy almond MILA pudding, yum!

So, are you asking yourself, why is this lady trying to sell me something?  Well . . . I have this deep down belief that I am here in this life to help people . . .  for you to begin your journey to profound, awesome overall great health you have to take the plunge!  My wish is for people everywhere to open their mind and take responsibility in themselves to lead a life that brings health, joy and blessings!

Feel free to write me at - I am extremely passionate about MILA and thankful that God has blessed me with a way to help people feel better naturally -

I also want to share with you that I have lost 24 lbs. by just incorporating MILA into my daily routine . . . my honey has lost 48 lbs.!  He needed to lose more than I did . . . we were just amazed at how easy it was!  No irritability, No jitters, No cravings, No binges -Whoo-hoo!

It feels wonderful to move like a gazelle again on the tennis court :)

Add A Tablespoon Of MILA To Water Or Juice Twice Per Day Before Two Healthy Meals For Two Months
·         No Special Weight Loss Shakes To Mix
·         No Special Recipes To Prepare
·         No Special Foods To Weight Or Calories To Count
·         No Handfuls Of Supplements To Take Multiple Times Per Day
Omega-3 Rich MILA Costs About $0.79 Per Meal Or $1.58 Per Day – Equal To The Cost Of A Large Navel Orange And Large Fuji Apple
·         No Expensive Pre-Packaged Foods To Buy
·         No Expensive Weight Loss Programs To Buy
·         No Expensive Weight Loss Shakes & Protein Shakes To Buy
·         No Expensive Energy & Hunger-Supressing Supplements To Buy
·         No Expensive Vitamin & Mineral Supplements To Buy
·         No Expensive Fish Oil Supplements To Buy
We do not make health claims, however, in addition to losing your unwanted extra weight, you “may” experience these healthy MILA Benefits:
Increased Energy!   Better Digestion!    More Mental Alertness & Focus!
Less Joint Pain & Stiffness!   Better Sleep Habits!    Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails!
Lower Blood Cholesterol!    Lower Blood Pressure!   And Much More!

Your MILA/Lifemax Distributor:
Brenda Sherman at 321-331-7238 
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Truly, it is simple . . . I kid you not!  

If you missed our radio show interview on March 25, 2012 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, you can still access it in the archive and hear our discussion about MILA, it was a very informative show, I think you will enjoy it!