Monday, April 23, 2012

MILA Redefines Athletic Performance:

Doing your best hinges on two key factors: physical ability and mental focus. Mila optimizes both. The proprietary blend of Salvia hispanica L. seed that is Mila promotes the formation of lean muscle mass, lubrication of joints and mineralization of bones. This incredible seed has been used for centuries to increase performance ability. Ancient Aztec warriors often survived on a handful of it alone during battles, understanding the physical strength, increased energy and heightened focus it delivers.
With its perfect balance of essential omega-3s and omega-6s, Mila also increases flexibility of cell membranes, creating improved nutrient transport and nerve transmission within your body. This whole, raw super food boosts your brain's power and makes focusing on your end goal that much easier. You'll have an edge on the competition when your mind and body are optimized by Mila.

MILA Elevates Athletic Endurance:

Mila causes a powerful scientific reaction to happen within your body that extends your endurance levels. When Mila is mixed with liquid, a gel forms in the stomach that acts as a physical barrier, blocking your digestive enzymes from breaking down carbohydrates. This slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars, fueling your body longer. By regularly consuming Mila before activity, you'll prevent the dizziness and fatigue usually brought on by a crash in your blood glucose level. When you have to go harder longer, Mila endures it all with you.

MILA Provides Advanced Hydration:

All active people know that hydration levels directly affect performance ability. How many times have you seen professional athletes chugging sports drinks before running onto the field? Mila is like these sports drinks, minus all of the unnecessary sugars and artificial flavors. It's pure, natural fuel for your body. With the ability to absorb at least 12x its weight in water, Mila holds onto moisture and prolongs your system's hydration. This regulates electrolyte balance and nutrient absorption, which is especially important for runners. By mixing Mila with water, juice or foods rich in moisture, you're preparing yourself to endure during times of extreme exertion.

MILA Refines Recovery:

One of the defining characteristics of a true champion is the will to keep going, to never give up. Recuperating after activity is never easy, but Mila acts as your body's natural medicine to speed the recovery process. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the salvia hispanica L. seed aids in your body's fight against muscle swelling. For marathon runners, bodybuilders and other athletes undergoing intense conditioning, this is an absolute must. Prescribed centuries ago by Aztec doctors, this healing seed was used by warriors to relieve joint conditions and muscle pain.

Antioxidants support tissue repair
Amino Acids prevent tissue destruction
Omega-3's decrease inflammation of joints and muscles

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